Tony Spredeman


Heavy metal and fishing are just about the only things that can keep Tony away from a foosball table.  Foosball is not just a game for him, it's a way of life.  A second generation foosball player, Tony is  coming into Worlds as the #1 ranked player in the world, which means he's the guy to beat, and there's a big target on his back.

Ryan Moore


Ryan's full-time job as an entrepreneur and award winning cannabis grower means he doesn't get to spend as much time on the table as his counterparts.  But make no mistake, he is training harder than ever and is out for blood after losing to Tony in last year's World Championships. 

Todd Loffredo


Todd Loffredo was a pioneer in the world of professional foosball.  Having won his first world championships as a teenager on the Million Dollar Pro Tour of the 1970s, Todd is one of the only players left from what some call "the golden era of foosball."  But the question remains, can he still compete with the elite players of today?

Cindy Head


A retired cop from Birmingham, AL, Cindy Head might be as sweet as pie off the table, but when she grabs the rods, she turns into one of the fiercest competitors the world has ever seen.  A truly humbling story of overcoming adversity and hardship, Cindy has found a second life on the foosball table.  And when she plays at worlds, she's

 playing for more than just a trophy.

Terry Rue


When Terry Rue isn't busy spending his time being as a full-time husband, full-time dad and working as the chief of anesthesia at one of Lousiana's biggest hospitals, he spends his (little) free time as a Pro Master foosball player.  He won doubles last year, and is hoping to use the momentum to win his first ever open singles title at Worlds this year.  As Terry would say "Why not me!"

Robert Mares


Robert Mares is a true student of the game, spending his days consuming hours of foosball footage so he can study his opponents every move.  And when he wraps up work for the day, he descends into the basement where he works out his foos muscles.  Sometimes alone, and sometimes with a friend.  Robert's made it to the finals 6 times at worlds.  Maybe the 7th times a charm.